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Club Development Report Card

Calling out to Club Land! 

Yes, all the Clubs, sport and recreation! We need to hear from you! 

We are gathering data from our local sport and recreation clubs (you & your committees!) to create a better picture of the current Club landscape. We have developed a Club Development Report Card to paint this picture. The results (provided by you!) will be used to inform our delivery of the Club Development Program.

What’s the Club Development Program? It’s me! And Shane Tobin, the Shire’s Club Development Officers. The Program includes the support and advise we provide, the workshops we organise and the advocacy we undertake to higher bodies. It’s everything in between like helping with events, funding applications and approving KidSport vouchers.

The Club Development Report Card is a three page questionnaire to be filled out by the Committee of your Club. Only one survey per Club can be submitted and Associations are welcome to complete a Report Card in addition to the Clubs under them. Please note, submissions will be open between 1-15 September 2021 and 2-16 February 2022, this is to ensure we capture both winter and summer activities.

In 2022, we will develop a Club Development Plan for the next two years as a roadmap for how best we can support you as you deliver recreational opportunities to the community. This project has been funded by the Department of Local Government, Sports & Cultural Industries Every Club Program.

So please download and complete the Report Card(as best you can-answer what you can) and return it to us. The Report Card can be sumbitted electronically but hard copies are fine too. If you have any questions or would like to provide further comments, feel welcome to contact us on the details below.


Sarah Moroney                                              Shane Tobin

Club & Community Development Officer        Community Development & Events Coordinator

P: (08) 9071 0609                                           P: (08) 9083 1706
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