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Town Centre Revitalisation


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CBD Urban Node Trial

The Shire has recently accepted the Esperance CBD Landscaping Concept Design (Concept Design) to guide the implementation and upgrading of landscaping in the Esperance CBD. The full Concept Design can be found here.  As part of the Concept Design it has been proposed to create “Urban Nodes” The Urban Nodes are designed to create opportunities for Alfresco dining areas or public open space in front of Restaurants and Cafes through modifying the parking layout. The image below is an example of an Urban Node, also attached are examples of Urban Nodes from Oxford Street Leederville.

The key benefits of the Urban Nodes are to:

Promote vibrancy in the Town Center;
Support local business;
Enhance walkability; and
Encourage pedestrian activity.

It is proposed to undertake a trial of the Urban Nodes at various locations in the Esperance CBD. The trial is to establish if the Urban Nodes would work as intended and if there is both public and business acceptance of the Nodes.

The proposed trial is to put down a temporary decking structure that would sit on the existing road parking surface. There are two proposed options for the size of the Urban Nodes, that are detailed in attachment B and C, that are approximately 20m2 and 40m2 in size, there would be a loss of 2 and 3 carparks respectfully for each option. The Urban Nodes would have a barrier around the perimeter to provide safe access for users and to create a boundary for the area.

The proposed trial is for December 2019 until 30 June 2020.

The Shire requires respondents to complete the Expression of Interest form that outlines the type of Urban Node, the size and location, a brief statement outlining the proposal and support from surrounding businesses if possible.

Deadline 2.00pm AWST, Monday 18 November 2019.

Expression of Interest Responses can be delivered by hand to the Shire of Esperance Administration Building or electronically via email to