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WA Border Travel Restrictions are still in place. Intrastate travel is now permitted however Western Australians must continue to keep up physical distancing where possible and good personal hygiene to better protect themselves and the general health of our community. 

Weekly cleaning will continue at sites by staff, however if you are going to camp please be self-sufficient (inc. cleaning supplies) and wipe down all surfaces in camp kitchens and bathrooms after use.

The Shire of Esperance manages Alexander Bay Munglinup Beach and Quagi Beach camping areas. Israelite Bay, Kennedys Beach and Membinup Beach are Shire Managed reserves without formal camping grounds.

Commercial campgrounds exist at Duke of Orleans Bay.

For more information please contact the Esperance Visitor Centre on (08) 9083 1555. 

Information on camping within National Parks can be found through the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

Camp Rules

You can help to preserve these unique natural areas by observing the following rules;

  • Camping is allowed in designated bays only.
  • Camp sites cost $15 per site, per night (Munglinup, Quagi and Alexander Bay only).
  • No open fires from 1 November to 30 April.
  • Please use toilets where provided to protect our environment and for the health of other campers.
  • Generators are to be set up within camp sites and only used between the hours of 7 AM – 10 PM.
  • Please put rubbish in the bin. If bins are full please take your rubbish with you.
  • Please respect the native environment by staying on tracks and not damaging live vegetation.
  • Please do not feed the wildlife.
  • Cats and dogs permitted. Must be on lead or contained within camp site.
  • There are no dumping points on site. The nearest dump disposal facility is located on Sheldon Road, Esperance. Please take a portaloo to campsites without facilities.


If you witness other people littering, lighting illegal fires or vandalising campsites, make note of the vehicle registration number and contact the Shire Rangers as soon as possible.

Shire of Esperance Rangers: (08) 9083 1533

For more information please contact the Esperance Visitor Centre on: (08) 9083 1555

Alexander Bay

Located 80 kilometres east of Esperance, access to Alexander Bay is via an extension of Alexander Bay Road. The road is sometimes in poor condition and suitable for 4WDs only.

Known to locals as “A Bay”, the picturesque white sandy beaches, granite headland and views of offshore islands appeal to visitors wanting the experience the Esperance beach camping holiday. Fishing and surfing are popular at the site.

The camp site includes 12 camp bays and a long drop toilet. Rubbish bins are provided within the camp site and visitors are encouraged to take their rubbish home with them.

Munglingup Beach

Access via Munglinup Beach Road, off Springdale Road (2WD gravel access).

At the mouth of the Oldfield River, Munglingup beach offers visitors a number of recreation activities. The Munglingup reef provides a protected swimming lagoon at the campground. The nearby Oldfield Inlet fringed by Paperbarks (Melaleuca cuticularis) provides excellent kayaking and bird watching opportunities, as well as good fishing for bream and mullet. Small boat launching can be carried out the beach or at the inlet.

There are 15 campsites and 3 composting toilets at the site. Nearest facilities are at the nearby Munglingup Beach Caravan Park (located 3kms to the north of the campsite) or Munglinup Roadhouse.  Phone coverage is available approximately 2km north of the campsite on Munglinup Beach Road.

Quagi Beach

Qaugi Beach is located approximately 70km west of Esperance off Farrell Rd. (2WD gravel access)

A sheltered beach, dominated by rocky headlands, it offers a range of recreational activities including swimming, fishing and nature based camping. The reserve is surrounded by DBCA managed Nature Reserve and Stokes National Park. Farrell Rd is also the main access point for beaches to the east and west of Quagi including Barker Inlet, Fanny Cove and Shoal Cape however these sites are 4WD only.

The campsite includes 18 camp bays of varying sizes and a modern composting toilet block. The site also caters for day use visitors with ample parking, sheltered picnic area and viewing platform. Rubbish bins are provided within the campsite and are serviced weekly however campers are encouraged to take their rubbish with them if the provided bins are full.

Israelite Bay

Located 195kms east of Esperance, access via Fisheries Road and then Fisheries track. (Fisheries Road 105km of bitumen road, followed by a further 26km gravel road. Beyond the gazetted public road, there is a flat bladed sandy track for the last 64km to Israelite Bay). Access is 4WD only. Track Closures can be in place after wet weather, please check our current Road Closures

Israelite bay is located on the western shore of the Great Australian Bight. The area covers the coastal areas from Point Dempster just south of Israelite Bay to Point Lorenzen to the east. In the winter months (May – October) whales are frequently seen in the protected bay with calves.

Part of the reserve is under a management order with the National Trust of Australia to ensure that the historical buildings are preserved. The major features on the reserve are the remains of the original Israelite Bay Telegraph Station, the Telegraph Station, which had preservation works undertaken in 2002, one cottage with roof intact (Cooks Cottage) a ruin of a cottage and a multiple grave sites.

There are no facilities at Israelite bay and visitors need to be self-sufficient. There is no phone coverage in this remote area.

Kennedy’s Beach

Located 110kms east of Esperance, access to Kennedy’s Beach is off an extension to Exchange Road. The track leading to the site is accessible by 4WD only and difficult to traverse.

The site consists of minimal facilities (a fishing shelter and rotaloo). It is a popular fishing spot, with large herring, skippy and salmon being the most prevelant species caught.

A fishing shelter built in 1988 by the Esperance Surfcasters Club (ESC) is situated at the site. This site is not serviced and there are no bins provided at the site.

Membinup Beach

Located 70kms east of Esperance, Membinup Beach is a low-key camping area with minimal facilities. It’s accessed via a rough 4WD track from Daniels Road.

The only facilities provided at Membinup Beach are a picnic table and shelter.

Overflow Camping facilities

When required, the Shire of Esperance also manages the Overflow Camping facilities.

Overflow Camping Area Layout

Overflow Camping Rules

Overflow Camping Emergency Evacuation Information