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Town Centre Revitalisation Project


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Town Centre Revitalisation Project

What is the Master Plan?

The plan seeks to ensure that the ‘central heart’ of Esperance is a great place to experience. With a 20 year outlook, the plan highlights social, economic and cultural development opportunities.

The plan provides a framework that all community members can use when making plans in and around the town centre.

The purpose of the plan is to:

  • enhance the town centre as the heart of Esperance and the economic, social and cultural hub of the south east region
  • attract and activate private and public investment in the town centre
  • enhance the connectivity of key attractors within and adjacent to the town centre


What will the Master Plan tell me?

The plan provides an overview of the strategies proposed to revitalise the town centre. It is divided into nine precincts with different uses and proposals to ensure the use of each precinct supports community and commercial needs. Public spaces will be enhanced and facilities improved to make the town centre a more comfortable and attractive place. The design will convey identity and relaxed lifestyle of Esperance.

The plan provides a long term framework for future growth of the town centre.


Where can I find a copy of the Master Plan?

Online - an electronic version can be viewed here.

Physical copy - hard copies of the plan can be viewed at the Shire Administration Building and the Esperance Public Library.

On your computer - digital copies can be obtained on a USB flash drive from the Shire Administration Building.