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The Shire Ranger Services are currently investigating a recent spate of dog attacks in Esperance. Since the beginning of  August there have been 15 reported dog attacks. While the recent weather conditions might make it easier for dogs to escape, we are reminding dog owners to ensure dogs are secured. Dog attacks can be reported to the Shire on 9071 0666 between 8am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday or 9083 1533 after hours. 

In the event that your dog does get out, Rangers want to reunite them with their owners as quickly as possible. Registration and microchipping pets helps this to occur and means Rangers can contact the dogs’ owner and if possible return it immediately. Sometimes this isn’t possible and to ensure the dog is safe and cared for they will be impounded at the animal management facility. To assist the Shire to return lost dogs to their concerned owners it is urged that dogs are registered and details are kept up to date. All dogs over the age of three months, including farm dogs, must be registered. To register your dog or find out more go to Pet Ownership under the Live section of our website.