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Local Government Elections


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Local Government Elections

What are Local Government Elections?

Local government elections are a great way for people to be involved in their local community and are held on the third Saturday in October every two years. This year the Local Government Elections for the Shire of Esperance will be held on Saturday, 21 October 2017 and will be conducted by Postal Vote.

The voting method is first-past-the-post and this election will be conducted by using postal voting to encourage the maximum number of electors to participate in the easiest voting system.  

The 2017 election will be conducted by the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) who appoints a Returning Officer to oversees the election including taking candidate nominations and supervising the count on election night. The Shire's Returning Officer for the 2017 Elections is Brian Willoughby.

Election packages are posted to all electors on the roll and can be returned by mail or hand delivered and placed in a sealed ballot box at the Shire Administration Building, Windich Street, up until 6.00pm on Election Day. The count commences at 6.00pm that same day and the results should be available later that evening.

Am I eligible to vote?

You may be eligible to be enrolled to vote in the Local Government elections if you live in or are an owner or occupier of rateable property in the Shire of Esperance.


You are automatically enrolled to vote if you are on the State Electoral Roll as at 5.00 pm Friday, 1 Septmber 2017. If you are not already on the State Electoral Roll and meet the eligibility criteria, or if you have changed address recently, you must complete an enrolment form.

Enrolment Forms

Electoral enrolment forms are available from the Shire of Esperance, all post offices, all Australian Electoral Commission offices or the Western Australian Electoral Commission and must be completed and reach a Divisional Returning Officer in Western Australia by 5.00 pm Friday, 1 Septmber 2017.

Non-Resident Owners and Occupiers

If you are a non-resident owner or occupier of rateable property in the Shire of Esperance and are on the State or Commonwealth Electoral Roll, you are eligible to enrol to vote. If you are not on the State or Commonwealth Electoral Roll and own or occupy rateable property in the Shire of Esperance you may be eligible to enrol to vote. This applies if you were on the last electoral roll for the Shire of Esperance prior to May 1996 and have owned or occupied rateable property in the district continuously since this time. Please contact your local government for details. Owners of land who were on the last Local Government roll continue to retain that status until they cease to own the rateable property to which the enrolment relates. Occupiers do not have continuous enrolment and should contact the Shire of Esperance to confirm their enrolment status. To be eligible to enrol as an occupier, you will need to have a right of continuous occupation under a lease, tenancy agreement or other legal instrument for at least the next three months following the date of the application to enrol. You may be eligible to vote in more than one ward if you own property in more than one ward.

Joint Owners and Occupiers

If a rateable property is owned or occupied by more than two people, a majority of the owners/occupiers may nominate two persons from amongst themselves who are on either the State or Commonwealth Electoral Roll, to enrol as owner/occupier electors.


A body corporate that owns or occupies rateable property may nominate two people who are on either the State or Commonwealth Electoral Roll to enrol as owner/occupier electors.

Enrolment Forms – Non-Resident Owners and Occupiers Only

Enrolment forms can be obtained from local governments and must be lodged with the Chief Executive Officer by 5.00pm on Friday 1 September 2017. Further information can be obtained from the Shire of Esperance. 

For further information about the Local Government elections from the Western Australia Electoral Commission click here

Roles of a Councillor

Our Council is made up of nine Elected Members including the Shire President.  The Councillors represent the residents from the two electoral wards of Esperance - Town and Rural.  The Councillors are elected by the ratepayers and residents of the district with elections held every two years and each Councillor serving a four year term.

Elected Members play a vital role representing the community and making decisions about what happens within the Shire of Esperance. 
While the Chief Executive Officer and staff of the Shire are employed to provide specialised information and advice to the Council and carry out the Council’s decisions, Elected Members are the elected policy makers and collectively make decisions for the Shire on matters such as essential infrastructure like roads, services like the library, sport and recreation, the environment, community development and public health and safety.
A person may be eligible to run to be an Elected Member, provided they are 18 years of age or older, are an elector of the district, and are willing to represent the views of the whole community and district, rather than their own personal views.
Could you see yourself as a future Elected Member?
For more information visit the Department of Local Government & Community’s website.
To meet your local Elected Members visit here.

Local Government Elections Nominees

Nominations closed at 4 pm on Thursday 14 September for the Local Government Elections. All 11 nominees were drawn at random for their position on the ballot paper. The results of this draw are below.

Town Ward

HORAN, Robert


PAYNE, Shelly



WROTH, Barry

HALL, Kevin



Rural Ward


LOWE, Tania

Please click on the candidates name above to view their candidate profile.