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Current Road Closures


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Current Road Closures

A list of current road closure notifications can be found below or on the Shire of Esperance Facebook page.

To receive instant updates on road closure information please contact Asset Management on (08) 9071 0637.

For information on the South Coast Highway and Coolgardie-Esperance Highway please head to the Main Roads Alerts Website

Current and Upcoming Road Closures

Road Name Between Dates Reason
Oldfield Road between Rawlinson Road and Mills Road 19/6/17 until 02/7/17 Gravel Resheet
Napier Road Intersection of South Coast Highway 17/5/17 until 23/6/17 Intersection Upgrade
Griffith Road Field Road and Neds Corner Road 16/6/17 until 25/6/17

Gravel Resheet

Winston Way between Iona Street and Edwards Street 12/06/17 until 23/6/17 Drainage Works
Springdale Road between South Coast Highway and Fuss Road 20/06/17 until 30/6/17 Floodway Repairs
Moonanup Road - 23/06/17 until 02/07/17 Gravel Resheet