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Community Surveys


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Community Surveys

Community surveys are regularly undertaken at the Shire of Esperance to gather data that will assist Council when making decisions on behalf of the community. Surveys can be specific to a project, service or facility or can be based on all Shire services. Community members are encouraged to participate in surveys when the opportunity arises. This makes sure data collected is representative of community sentiment and provides a sound base for the development and determination of decisions that need to be made in the future.

Surveys ask for your views on projects, local services and facilities and your ideas about how these can be developed, maintained or improved. Surveys are a positive way for the community to have a say.

Current Surveys:

Our Strategic Community Plan needs to identify our vision, aspirations and priorities. We have four short questions in this survey which will assist in directing future discussions at community engagement workshops, Council Corners and Town Talk.

Strategic Community Plan: Creating Our Future - Esperance 2017-2027