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Burning Restrictions


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Burning Restrictions

Lighting fires on your property can be extremely dangerous. To help reduce the risk, prohibited dates are set according to seasonal conditions and may be adjusted.

Current Burning Restrictions

The Shire of Esperance is currently in a Restricted Burning Period. Permits will be required to burn, please apply through your fire control officer or call the Shire on 9071 0625.

Burning Periods

The Shire of Esperance can alter burning periods with notice. Please see ‘Current Burning Restrictions’ below or contact the Shire to see if you are allowed to burn.

Prohibited Burning Time

1 November until 31 January. 
No fires are to be lit in the open air during this time.

Restricted Burning Time

19 September until 31 October. 
1 February until 15 March. 
A permit is required to burn during these times until further notice. Permit issuing contacts can be located with Fire Break Information.

Unrestricted Burning Time

16 March until 18 September. 
Fires can be lit without a permit. It is still common courtesy to notify your neighbours that you are burning.