Esperance Waterfront


The Esperance Waterfront is undergoing a period of transformation. The completion of the Esperance Waterfront has provided the Esperance foreshore with protection from coastal erosion, while at the same time enhancing the foreshore for recreational and commercial development.


History of the Waterfront Project

Click here to view a copy of the Esperance Waterfront Concept Plan.

Construction began on the foreshore in February 2013 when contractors Italia Stone Group built the headland and the sea wall. Public access to sections of the foreshore, and the Tanker Jetty, has been restricted for public safety. This work was completed in September 2013.

Landscaping contractors Sime Building and Construction started landscaping work in October 2013. In the first four months on site Sime has installed the foundations of retaining walls and ramps, the irrigation reticulation mainline, stormwater diversions, car parks at the headland and car park drainage.

Regular media releases are available here, and the Shire of Esperance Facebook page is also a great way to see what is happening on the Waterfront. Detailed updates on the project are available here:


Fact Sheets that were written at the beginning of this project:

Shire of Esperance Esperance Waterfront Project

SuperTowns Esperance Waterfront Project