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Hi my name is Shane Tobin and I'm your Club Development Officer in the Shire of Esperance. This position is funded and supported by the Department of Sport and Recreation, Shire of Esperance and the Esperance District Recreation Association (EDRA).

My role is to support your club and the 100 other clubs within the Shire of Esperance. The clubs and its members within the Shire of Esperance are part of your typical sports mad regional community. So if you would like support for your club or information about any club then please don't hesitate to contact your Club Development Officer.

I am based at the Bay of Isles Leisure Centre and can be contacted on (08) 90 831 700 or email

The Club Development Officer's responsibilities are to:

  • Continue to build links between State Sporting Associations and Clubs. Especially with the implementation of the Department of Sport and Recreations (DSR) Talent Development program;
  • Assist with the planning and implementation of management options for the indoor sports stadium and other collocated facilities; 
  • Provide continued support and leadership to EDRA and the Sports Star of the Year committees;
  • Work to support clubs to complete the ASC Healthy Club Check, Club Plans and offer training including the DSR Club Talk workshop program. These programs are designed to improve the development of the clubs and increase a clubs chance of receiving funding in the future; 
  • Update and maintain the community club database (link below);
  • Create your Esperance Sporting Network Newsletters;
  • Help identify club needs and provide continued support;
  • Continue to administer the the KidSport program within the Shire of Esperance and the Shire of Ravensthorpe:and
  • The Shire of Esperance contact for the Department of Sport and Recreations CSRFF program.

Sports played include athletics, badminton, swimming, football, basketball, rifle sports, horse racing, equestrian and pony club, yachting, lawn bowls, cricket, angling, surf lifesaving, golf, hockey, squash, karts, darts, netball, rowing, frisbee, soccer, softball, runners, motor sports, table tennis, taekwondo, t-ball, tennis, triathlon, gymnastics, waterskiing, volleyball and beach volleyball, MTB, cycling, dive, Aero and snooker to name a few.

To find a Club please hit the link and go to the Shire of Esperance Community Database - or contact me as  I'm more than happy to help you out. 

If your Clubs information on the database needs updating then please fill out the form found on the below link then email it to me and I'll update it for you.

Community Database Update Form

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